The CSI Experience workshop

There is no such thing as a typical CSI Academy experience. All of our events are different, because all schools and their needs are different.  However, we do have a core experience that we use as an initial structure for developing each individual event. Below we have set out this model day:

Ice Breaker 1:  Pupils use their senses to identify trace samples that may have been     recovered from the scene of the crime.

The Scenario:  Pupils find out that someone has stolen the school dinner money and left a note behind.  Can they work out “who dunnit?”

Fingerprints:  Pupils learn to take and examine their own fingerprints. Pupils then dust the scene of the crime to see if they can find the “suspects” prints.

Footprints:  Pupils put on a full set of CSI protective equipment and use Plaster of Paris to recover the “suspects” footprint.

Ice Breaker 2:  Pupils have to use their skills to identify suspects from partial      photographs.

Fibre Analysis:  Pupils compare fibres found at the scene of the crime with the jumpers of the four suspects. 

Ink Analysis:  Pupils use chromatography to identify ink samples taken from the crime scene.

Trial:  Pupils end the day by marshalling all the evidence they have gathered  through their experiments to decide which one of the four suspects should stand trial. The pupils then conduct their own trial, taking the roles of  Judge, Prosecution, Defence and most importantly the Jury, who decide on the defendant’s fate!